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EOSDAC Price | EOSDAC Price Index and Live Chart

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EOSDAC Price | EOSDAC Price Index and Live Chart

Rio Grande's diet is very similar to the others. ie. chokecherries, bearberries, grains like corn, oats and wheat, and other bush fruit and seeds native to their habitat. They also enjoy eating insects such as grasshoppers, spiders, and beetles.

The Merriam Wild Turkey

The Rio Grande Wild Turkey Diet:

The Eastern wild turkey is most readily identified by its chestnut or chocolate brown tipped tail feathers. (it is the tail feathers that extend into the iconic "fan" display)

The Osceola "tom" generally stands 3 to 3.5 feet tall and weighs around 20 pounds. The female weighs almost the same as an Eastern wild turkey but is about a foot shorter.

Wild Turkey Species Native to North America photos

Commonly seen as the largest of the five North American sub species, it has longer legs, larger feet and larger center tail feathers than any of the other wild turkeys already described. The predominate colorations of the Gould's are; distinctive white tips on the tail feathers and tail rump coverts, and copper and greenish golden reflections on their lower back and rump feathers.

The Gould's Wild TurkeyThe Gould's wild turkey, (Meleagris gallopavo mexicana), like the Osceola, has a very limited range. It is only found in an elongated region that stretches through parts of Arizona and New Mexico, and into northern Mexico. region.

Wild Turkey Species Native to North America photos


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